C 15/10/20 Elena


2 students left to present their boxes+ Konstantina if she’s prepared one


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  1. Many children are ………. the dark. – afraid of
  2. fed up with – I’m really ……………. this rain. I want the sun to finally come out. (annoyed or bored and wanting something to change)

Revise previous and add new.

Collocations: good/brilliant/terrible/ bad at, bored/ fed up with, excited about, interested in, afraid/ frightened of, keen on >> make sentences and interview each other


Demonstrate online wb


SB p13 voc – personality adjectives – categorise positive/negative/ neutral


GiU old syllabus:

unit 3+4 S/C Present and stative verbs  [prev. Edition]



Wb p9 ex1-5 ? Online> I’ve sent reading ex1-3

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GiU u3+4 ex …