C 8/10/20 Elena


Ss present their boxes and talk about themselves.

Revise and add new Act voc 1.2:


1. cross: What’s the matter? Are you ….. with me? (annoyed/angry)

2.change trains: Passengers for Liverpool should ….. at Crewe.

3.meet up: I …….. with my friends at the weekend

4.quite an interesting: It was …… story

5.performance: Sean’s ………. at school has greatly improved. He gets good marks now. (how well or badly a person, company, etc. does a particular job or activity)

6.was pleased: Her mother …… that she chose a college close to home.


Check reading p10-11

Do gr p12 – revise pres. s/c, stative verbs


SB: pg. 13, ex. 1,  3 and p12 ex4, P11 ex5

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