Ch 3: Happy Holidays Class #4

  1. Speaking, Part 3, Ex 2 
    1. Listening to two people talk in the same way they practiced yesterday. (x2)
      1. Label green box phrases with the five options
    2. Exercise 3: Reacting to ideas & suggestions 
  2. Pronuncation Ex 
  3. Listening Part 3 
    1. Exercise 1: Underline main ideas
      1. Main Idea Synonyms
    2. Exercise 2: Listening & Pair Share 
  4. Grammar 3: At, In, On
    1. Exercise 2 sentence creation
  5. Debate 
    1. Partly from an lesson
      1. Technology is supposed to bring us closer, or does it make us feel more alone?
      2. Should companies be able to collect information about us?
      3. Is hard work the key to success or maybe it is a talent that’s much more
      4. Photoshopped images promote unrealistic expectations of beauty and body
      5. Does Facebook need a ‘dislike’ button to give more options to express yourself?
      6. Money invested in space travel should be better invested in solving Earth’s
  6. Homework: 
    1. Write about a place you have already visited, not a dream holiday. The article should give practical suggestions on how to make the most out of a holiday in their destination, including what time of year it is best to visit, what time of day it is best or worst to go sightseeing, the climate, and so on . (look at Exercise 11, pg 27 for planning strategies). We will be correcting each other documents so be prepared to have your classmates read them and for you to read one of your classmates.