Christine/PR2/ M-W/23/11/2020

Check H/W from previous lesson. Workbook p.28 ex.2

Review animals / Review 3rd person affirmative -negative

Students book .28 ex.3 in class activity (Ss have prepared it from home)

Story time p.26 “The zoo keeper”

Aim: Listen and read a picture story (talk about it) . New Vocabulary: zoo keeper, got you, throw, thank you all so much.

Comprehension activities p.27

Workbook activities in class p.26 ex. 1,2,3

p.27 ex. 1,2,3

p. 28 ex.1

H/W: Copy x3– Does Misty like bananas? Yes she does.

                             – Does Thunder like sandwiches? No, he doesn’t. ”    🙂