Christine/PR2/ M-W/03/01/2021

Check previous H/W, Workbook, Spelling.

Review :Food (guessing game) ex. “I’m thinking of some food. It’s yellow and looks like this…..” /Use of flashcard after the guess.

Show each flashcard and ask the Ss to write down the name of the particular food.

Aims: present and practice questions and responses. “Would you like a/some ….? Yes, please/ No, thank you” (preteach a/some)

Play a game with Ss> show a flashcard to a S and ask him/her  “Would you like some tomatoes? Yes, please /No, thank you”. 

St. book p.47 ex. 1, 2for practice



Workbook p.47 ex.1,2

Copy x2 : “Would you like some bread? No, thank you.”