From previous H/W:

Check spelling ‘Can you check this out Flash? No problem!’

Check workbook p.7 ex.1/2

Collect workbooks

Review intro Unit :

  • Flashcards (naming things in classroom: door, window, cupboard, bookcase, wall, clock, chair, floor)

Game, Hangman

  • Write numbers on board
  • Mime imperatives/instructions i.e. ‘Stand up, Don’t stand up, Close your book etc.’
  • Ss act out the units story. / Practice word Burglar/  Call out phrases form the story in turn, Ss say who is speaking
  • Hand out Unit Stickers/Reflections



‘My Classroom’

Each Student has his own cart board . Ss have to find images or draw things that exist in our classroom, then under each object Ss have to write down what they see ..i.e ‘There is a board’, ‘There are some chairs’ etc. Finally Ss present their projects in class.