Check previous Homework.  Workbook p. 25 ex.1,2

Check spelling through smart notebook – Ss have to find the missing words.  Review animals using flashcards. T asks a S, then Ss repeat all together. Review the song we did on the previous lesson. T asks Ss about the song in order to review 3rd person simple present. Does the monkey like bananas?, Yes it does./Yes the monkey likes bananas. No it doesn’t/ No the monkey doesn’t like bananas…’  

Move on p.25 activity 1. Aim: to present and practice further the present simple third person singular question and answers.  Activity 3 p.25. Ss in pairs have to form and answer questions using Does…..?

Workbook p.28 ex1. listening



Workbook p.28 ex. 2

Copy x2: ‘Does the bay mouse sleep a lot? Yes, it does. It sleeps all day.’