Christine/Pr2 /M-W/23-12-2020

Christmas Week

  • Check previous H/W : Workbook p.34 ex.2
  • Spelling: Shop, street,park and pool. Looking from up here is really cool.
  • Review places in town (Flashcards)
  • Present have got : Show a picture of a map and say : “The town has got a shop. The town has got a hospital etc.” Say also negative sentences for the places not on the map. “The town hasn’t got a café etc.” 
  • Practice in class ex. 1 p.35 / ex.2/
  • Ex.3 (break  out rooms) Ss in pairs imagine a town and write a list of places. They ask and answer questions.
  • Christmas activities 🎄🎊


H/W: Workbook p.35 ex. 1,2 

Copy x2 : – Has your town got a train station? Yes it has .

-Has your town got a swimming pool? No, it hasn’t.