Costas/A level/T-TH/12-1-2021/online

2 hrs


Ss will identify elements of a photo

present NAV


activate prior knowledge

set the stage for transport

Ss make a list about moving elements in photo.

do the T/F activity

present NAV


Study NAV

  1. transport
Transport helps us travel in the sky, on water or on land.
  1. bus
We get the bus to school.
  1. aeroplane
Can you see an aeroplane in the sky?
  1. ferry
Look at all the cars on the ferry.
  1. helicopter
That helicopter is really loud.
  1. underground
Let’s get the underground to the museum.
  1. sailing boat
My dad takes his sailing boat out on the lake every Sunday.
  1. air hot balloon
Look! That air hot balloon is really colourful.
  1. ship
We have to get the ship to travel to Crete.
  1. scooter
I ride my scooter in the park.
  1. taxi
My uncle drives a taxi.
  1. motorbike
I want to ride a motorbike.