Costas/A level/T-TH/12-11-2020 online



check Ss have pencil rubber books notebooks with them

state that i want their faces in front of the screen

SB p26-27 present and practice vocabulary 1, places in town


ask Ss how they feel

check stationary

present NAV


Quiz unit 1

στο σημερινο μαθημα τεθηκαν καποιοι κανονες ως προς την ομαλη λειτουργια τησ ταξησ απο μακρια.

επιπλεον ειδαμε την εισαγωγη του κεφ 2 σελ 26,27

παρουσιαστηκε επισησ το λεξιλογιο του κεφ 2.

στο επομενο μαθημα τα παιδια γραφουν κουιζ στην ενοτητα 1. αυτο σημαινει πως εχουν για διαβασμα τις λεξεις τουσ ΝΑν ενοτητα 1.

NAV Some people live in big towns and some people live in small


2. interesting There are interesting places to go in big towns.

3. post office You can send letters at a post office.

4. bakery You can buy bread in a bakery.

5. museum You can see paintings in a museum.

6. restaurant You can eat food in a restaurant.

7. medicine/chemist’s You can get medicine at a chemist’s.

8. film You can watch a film at a cinema.

9. buy You can buy toys in a toy shop.

10. police station Police officers work in a police station.

11. swings You can play on the swings in the park.

12. library You can read books at the library.

13. stadium You can watch a football match in the stadium.

14. shopping centre Let’s go to the shopping centre and buy some clothes.