Costas/A level/T-TH/11-3-2021/online




review vocabulary from unit four

check homework

GIU Present and practise unit 12

remind the upcoming student of the week challenge

present NAV


review the vocabulary from the IWB

present and practise unit 12 from the grammar book

warm-up, students book page 81 pre-teach some vocabulary by talking about animal habitats. Explain students want a habitat is. Students talk about the classroom as a kind of habitat. They describe the classroom or in this case their homes.

present NAV

recycle the vocabulary presented. Ask questions like, ‘what habitats feel cold?’ ‘What habitats feels dry?’ Etc.

review the new vocabulary by asking students to make a word web for a vocabulary word that the teacher has given them.

feedback: student present their word web

wrap up by asking students to review the word webs. Teacher asks questions like, ‘think about you habitat and I will say a sentence. If I say a sentence that is true about your habitat stand up.’

recap by saying that ‘we have talked about animal habitats. Who can tell me what the habitat is? What’s your habitat like?’

apply the new vocabulary by doing exercise 3, page 81 on the students book. Students act out the conversation. Pair students and give them an animal to talk about. Students must see where the animals live.

finally play a guessing game. Divide the class into two teams. Teacher says clues about the habitat so that the teams can find out what the habitat is.


Quiz vocabulary unit 4

revise NAV unit 4


The animal habitat is the place where an animal lives. For example, the dolphins habitat is the sea.

many birds live in wetlands.

zebras and lions live in grasslands.

there are many trees and plants in the forest.

it is very hot in a desert.

in rainforests, it usually rains and there were told trees.

water changes to ice in very cold temperatures.