Costas/A Level/T-TH/13-10-2020



return quizzes

check hw

SB p14,15 vocabulary and grammar through a song and activities


  • revise voc1
  • present NAV
  • introduce song voc
  • ask qs about the photo in the book
  • listen to song and Ss make a list of the animals and people they hear
  • listen again and ask qs ‘how does the girl care for the cat?’ etc
  • Ss list actions in the song using grammar
  • T resource sheet 1.2
  • WB p6 eps 1


study NAV

1. after The boys play football after school.

2. comb “Why is your hair a mess?” “I don’t have a comb.”

3. goat I like goat’s milk a lot.

4. before Mary brushes her teeth before she goes to bed.