Costas/A level/T-TH/16-3-2021/online


2 hrs


students take a quiz on unit four

present and practise grammar unit 12

students book, our world intro unit five

present new active vocabulary


quiz unit four

present and practise new grammar, question form of the past, play games on Quizlet to practice irregular verbs

students book pages 78,79, introduce the new unit by stating what habitat is.

draw at two column table in order to categorize and list animals’ habitat

recycle by drawing students attention to the photo on page 78,79 and ask questions.

ask more questions to encourage discussion deriving from the photo

do the task on page 79 and for feedback ask students questions about the animal in the photo and what the teacher is holding.

present NAV

assign homework

if time permits do extra speaking from page 81 on the students book.


study NAV


it is very cold in the snow.

hippos like bathing in the mud

spiders make webs

bees live in hives

birds live in nests

many animals have their homes underground

and island has got water all around it

caves are very dark places