Costas/A level/T-TH/18-2-2021/online


2 hrs


present NAV


some more Ss presented projects on William S.

Sb p 64, 65

warm up , senses

present nav

practise nav

further practise with opposite words

Ss make sentences talking about how house obj feel.


study NAV

WB p42,43 exs1,3

Στο σημερινο μαθημα τα παιδια ειχαν τη δυνατοτητα να δουν επιθετα που προσδιοριζουν τις αισθησεις μασ. στο students book ειδαν τισ λεξεις αυτες, τις ακουσαν και τις επανελαβαν. Επειτα βρηκαν και επαιξαν με τα αντιθετα. εφτιαξαν προτασεις για την αισθηση που εχουν αντικειμενα στο σπιτι τους.

Dogs are smooth. I like touching them.

How does the tree feel? It is rough.

The colourful bird is very beautiful. I like it.

The black, angry bird is ugly. I dont like it.

When I eat ice cream, my fingers are always sticky.

The chairs are dry because they don’t have any rain on.

This chair is soft. I like sitting there when I am tired.

Rocks are rough and hard.

Yummy! This vanilla ice-cream is delicious.

Leaves are green, smooth and small.

This music is so loud and I can’t hear you.

This chair is hard when you touch it.

This food is terrible. I don’t want to eat it.

We must be quiet in class.