Costas/A Level/T-TH/20-10-2020



  1. present SOTW best at reading numbers and dates
  2. revise verb to be, focus on Qs
  3. check voc
  4. Present NAV
  5. SB p17 recap and extend routines with before& after
  6. WB p7 ex2


  • group Ss, give papers & ask them to make Qs to each other using BE
  • GIU p15 ex 2.1, 2.2, 2.4
  • present NAV
  • SB p17 practise and extend before & after
  • WB p7 ex2


Study NAV

GIU: p15 ex2.5

bedtime Brush your teeth and put your pyjamas on. It’s bedtime.

leave Mike leaves school at two o’clock in the afternoon.