Costas/A level/T-TH/6-10-2020



  • Revise NAV unit 0
  • reflection sheets
  • present SOTW
  • Present and practise vocabulary 1 unit 1


  • revise NAV and Grammar unit 0
  • complete reflection sheets
  • present SOTW
  • present NAV unit 1


  • quiz on unit O
  • study NAV

carry We carry things with our hands

help One of our classroom’s rules is to help each other

hug I hug my parents every day before school

teach Our teacher teaches us new things

hold hands  we hold hands when we cross the road

feed my pet I feed my pet twice a day

goldfish I feed my goldfish every day after school

take care of my pet  I take care of my pet. I feed it and I play with it

pick up I often pick up my little brother

give my pet a bath I give my pet a bath every Saturday

protect my parents always want to protect me