Costas/A level/T-TH/8-10-2020



  • take quiz 0
  • present and practice vocabulary 1 unit 1


  • Ss take the 10′ quiz
  • Tell Ss that the name of the unit is ‘a helping hand’. Go to the photo on page 10 and say that 2 men are in the picture and also 2 rhinos. Ask students to tell you how the men are helping the animals. Write answers on the whiteboard.
  • teacher tells Ss that there are many ways we can use our hands to help. T picks up a piece of paper and puts it in a bin. Ask students to say what else they can do with their hands in order to help. T. writes answers on the whiteboard.
  • show the picture of the IWB on page 10 and ask Ss what they see. Guide students through the activity on page 10.
  • teacher tells Ss that today we’re gonna talk about caring for others. T draws a web with help in the middle. Teacher asks who are some people who help? Students start giving answers for example doctors are people who help. After the web is complete teacher asks how does this person help? T writes answers on the board.
  • teacher says the words on page 12. Ss repeat. After T says who helps you? Who carries you? Etc. accept all types of answers.
  • teacher says the words on page 13 and Ss  repeat. T says we take care of our pets, we feed them etc. then teacher asks the Ss if they have a pet. And how do they help their pets. Elicit answers based on the new vocabulary.
  • review the words and phrases on both pages. mime the words and phrases after you tell each one.
  • use Quizlet and play a game. Show pictures only, so that Ss find the word or phrase that describes them.
  • WB p. 4 ex1
  • speaking of activity, write four problems on different pieces of paper such as something fell on the floor. Put Ss into four groups give each group one of the pieces of paper and tell students how they would help. Three minutes for discussion. Error correction.


study NAV