1,5 hrs


remind students about the challenge of the student of the week.
present a picture story,

review language from the unit,

talk about the meaning of the story,

practise the short vowel sound u,

review language from the story and the unit

check homework


warm up by reviewing the characters in the story. This is done from the IWB by matching the super friends to the powers.

present picture story, elicit where the stars are, pre-teach two words, play the recording etc.

workbook page 62 exercise one, do it in class in order to review the story.

exercise three assign  and prepare for homework. Checking comprehension of short dialogs through pictures.

extension activity done on the IWB. In order to stimulate students creativity students speak short dialogue from workbook exercise three. They practice them in pairs and with the whole class.

check homework

continue on the IWB to review the story.

use breakout rooms and assign pairs. Students look at exercise 2 and choose the correct sentence.

present the letterr sound u, use the IWB to separate phonemes and after say the whole word.

workbook page 63 exercise one focus students’ attention on the value of asking for help

exercise 2 practice the exercise and assign for homework

End the lesson by discussing the value of asking for help when you need it in L1

Give homework


C2+S on Mondays I play the piano

WB p 63 ex2

Στο σημερινό μάθημα τα παιδιά είδαν το επόμενο επεισόδιο της ιστορίας. Έκαναν ερωτήσεις και απάντησαν ως προς την κατανόηση αυτής. Έκαναν εξάσκηση ακουστική ενώνοντας φράσεις από την ιστορία με αυτούς που της είπαν. Μίλησαν για το ηθικό δίδαγμα της ιστορίας το οποίο ήταν να ζητάμε βοήθεια όταν την χρειαζόμαστε. Είδαν ήχους φωνηέντων και ένωσαν Λέξεις με αυτούς τους ήχους.