1,5 hrs


to sing a song with the class.

to review the present simple.

to present and practice present simple questions ‘do you? Yes I do, no I don’t’

remind students of the upcoming student of the week challenge

check homework


warm up by demonstrating a game. Mime six activities and students tell them.

pupils book page 60 exercise 1. Students sing a song as a class.

exercise 2, Teacher checks comprehension of the song.

workbook page 60 exercise 1, do it in class. Give further practice with reading skills and vocabulary for free time activities.

repeat the song, song it, dance it, mime it

check homework

teacher presents ‘do you? Yes I do, no I don’t’

pupils book page 61 exercise one. Students practice the new language. They look at the pictures, they listen to the recording and the point to the correct activity

exercise 2. Teacher focuses students on grammatical form of a new language.

exercise three, play the question game. Students are given practice by asking and answering questions using the new language.

workbook page 61 exercise 2, prepare it for homework.

End the lesson by creating an extension activity, a survey, on the IWB.



do you play football? Yes, I do.


Saturday, Sunday

WB p61 ex2