Remind students of the student of the week challenge. The student who tries to talk English in the most wins.

Integrate other areas of the curriculum through English, science

To practice classifying and categorizing

To extend the focus on science through English

Complete a project


Do a warm-up activity in order to raise awareness of fruits and vegetables

Extend students’ vocabulary for fruits and vegetables by doing exercise one on page 54.

Exercise two, do sticker activity in order to encourage students to use their own experience and knowledge of the world.

Check homework

Review the classification of fruits and vegetables.

To enable students to apply their own knowledge and experience through exercise one page 55

Students make a fruit and vegetable diary so that they apply what they have learned about fruit and vegetables.

WB Practice exercise one on page 54 and exercise one on page 54 for homework.

exercise 2 page 57 on the workbook in class

End the lesson by writing down ‘today I have learned about’ prompt



Today I’ve learnt where food grows


Thursday, Friday

WB p54 ex1

p55 ex1