CPE2_A 10/11/20 Elena

10/11/20 CPE2_A


  • Voc
  • Uoe word formation – verb suffixes/prefixes
  • Revision


Nav. U9.3  https://quizlet.com/543982912/u9-gxp_c1-set-3-flash-cards/?new


Revise Voc managing and teamwork, grammar emphatic structures

Check wb


Sb p126 word formation- verb affixes ex1-5




  • Sb p126 ex6
  • Wb p94 ex1-4
  • Edmodo assignment: This is an initiative that caught my eye but need more time to look through it. How about you?


I would like to go through the material at your own pace and write an article: What are your thoughts on the campaign?