Dora /B class /MW /28.09.2020



-present NAV



-intro page on SB

-NB-> Present and practise NAV



1)Study NAV

  1. “When I go to an amusement park I always get on the big wheel
  2. The rollercoaster is like a train but it goes very fast and its track rise like small hills.
  3. The roundabout goes round and round all the time!
  4. “Who is the mayor of your town?” “Mr Henderson.”
  5. It’s fun driving dodgem You can crash all the cars you want.
  6. My dad is a journalist and works for a newspaper.
  7. There are many statues in the Acropolis museum.
  8. The house is empty. Where is everyone?
  9. Don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret!


2)WB p.4:ex.1-2