Dora /B class /MW /30.09.2020

3rd Lesson – 2hrs



  • review vocabulary
  • listening for gist
  • form qs using the present simple
  • learn new vocabulary


  • review voc on board – then T makes riddles and Ss come on board to solve them
  • -check WB
  • SB p.4:ex.2-3
  • SB p.5:First look the pic and elicit what is going on. then listen
  • Interview game: find four things about the person next to you
  • NAV on NB
  • if time do SB p.6 song
  • Wb orally p.5



1)Study NAV:

  1. Let’s try out our new computer game!
  2. Going mountain-climbing is an adventure.
  3. The Prince of Scotland killed the wolf. He was very brave.
  4. Riding a horse was an exciting adventure for little James.
  5. The journalist is interviewing Jack Coots, the famous explorer, now.
  6. Ben and Lucy want to find out where the treasure is!
  7. The children explored the park near Matthew’s house.
  8. I can make a cake just like my mother’s!


2)WB p.5:Ex.1-2-3