Dora/B Level/MW/03.03.2021

42nd Lesson – 2hrs

-check WB p.53,57

-WB listening ppractice p.52

-Active voc:

  1. I have to measure the room before I buy new furniture for my son.
  2. Ι’m sorry, I wasn’t listening . Can you repeat the question , please?
  3. I can’t give you any information about the book. I haven’t read it yet.
  4. Can you see the price for this sweater? I can’t find the price tag anywhere.

-Clil Video Forces

-Breakout Rooms:SB p.54:ex.1-2-3


-SB p.57:ex.1,2,3 School Notice


1) SB:p.57:ex.3
3)Revise NAV unit 4