Dora / B/ MW/ 08.02.2021

35th Lesson – 1hr

  • Ss read the stories they wrote about an accident
  • Quiz results
  • Present NAV un 4 on SNB:
  • Every time I go climbing I carry a rucksack with me.
  • I’ll stay in London for two weeks. So I’ll buy a big suitcase to pack my things in.
  • Most modern train tracks are several kilometres long.
  • I’ll buy this jacket, please. How much is it?
  • The next train to Rome leaves in twenty minutes. I need to hurry up.
  • The thief can’t escape from the policemen; they’re right behind him.
  • The magician disappeared right in front of us. No one could see him
  • The teacher shouted “Off you go


H/W: Study NAV