Time: 2hrs – 2nd Lesson

  • intro page- discussion
  • reading -> gapped text
  • Present NAV:

1. I set myself achievable goals for the next two months. I feel I can do this!
2. His parents were absolutely delighted about the baby.
3. Both sides in the dispute seemed determined not to compromise.
4. And in any case, what Lucy may have done was surely not so dreadful and will be
soon forgotten.
5. To get its message across, the company will boost its advertising budget this year to
$220 million.
6. The holiday was meant to be a surprise for the children, but Daniel gave it away.
7. They offered me $10 for a whole day’s work – I felt really insulted
8. I feel I’m missing out on having fun with my kids.
9. I went to a party yesterday, but it was not really worth it
10. My cousin was petrified during the storm. She’s really scared of lightning.Don’t let
your failures put you off trying harder.
11. Sahlin appeared relieved at my news.
12. As children we suffered through schoolwork that was dull and repetitive
13. We believe in investing in scientific research.My friends were all extremely
sympathetic when they heard I’d lost my job.