Dora/PR1 / 23/09/2020

Time:1,5 hrs

  • get to know Ss
  • Have Ss practise and say their names


  • write aims on board
  • Say “Hello” to Ss – then have them say Hello too making the gesture
  • Hello song on youtube
  • say hi,I’m Dora, what’s your name? and ask a S, then do it with more, then have Ss ask each other
  • point to the characters in the 1st page of Sb and introduce them – listen to the chant and have Ss sing
  • Interview – T takes her marker, saying Hi, I’m Dora, what’s your name? and have Ss use their pencils to make it too
  • Make my card, give Ss a piece of paper to write their names, encourage them to draw anything they want on it – then put some stickers