dora/year 5/ 1/2/2021

check voc /check hw

then sts come to the front one by one to present their projects  reporting a fire drill at Mikro Dimotiko

then NAV

  1. We have to hurry or we’ll be late to work.
  2. Mom didn’t want to buy us chocolates but finally she said yes.
  3. We have to get on that train. There isn’t another one until tomorrow!
  4. This sofa is very heavy. You must use some force to move it.
  5. John was pulling the door but, it wouldn’t open. When he gave it a hard push, it opened!
  6. Don’t throw your ball towards my window. You might break it.
  7. I dropped the glass from my hands and it broke.

present and practise prepositions at/ on/ in

further practice in notebook files

play the true or false game using the prepositions