dora/year 5/18/1/2021

short revision

short quiz

check hw


  1. When the bus arrived at the bus station everybody got out of
  2. The ballet dancer was wearing a white shirt and tights.
  3. George is wearing his mask and is snorkelling. He wants to see the fish under the water.
  4. Jill was riding her bike when suddenly it started to rain.
  5. A lot of people rushed to the shops to get the new iPhone 6!
  6. When she told her dad she got an F in the test he didn’t react well; he started yelling at her
  7. Please, tidy your bedroom and put your clothes in the wardrobe

further practice asking and answerig about yesterday / ex 3 pg 37 student’s book

present a pictture story / comprehesion questions and activities on pg 39