dora/year 5/2/11/2020

check hw/ check voc


  1. Let me put your coat in the cloakroom, madam.
  2. It’s twelve o’clock. It’s midnight.
  3. You can watch TV untilfive o’ clock. After that, you’ll do your homework.
  4. Can I have a pieceof cake, please?
  5. Cleo didn’t know anything about the missingstatue of the gold cat.
  6. We drove to Thessaloniki and spent the nightat a hotel.
  7. It’s dark in here. Can you switch onthe light

sing the song with the class

then complete the sentnences // listen and check

then listen and say /play the show game

present and practise object pronouns

grammar book do exs 1,2 as a class

if time practice in workbook