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  • Check H/W + Reading Activities Unit 9
  • Present NAV UNIT 9:
  • Gold B1 – 2nd ed. – Unit 9 – Part 1

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    1. embarrassed When she entered the class, she was totally _______________ as everyone was staring at her.
    2. eventually Although she had been ill for a long time, it still came as a shock when she ___________died.
    3. guilty You have a ________ look on your face. What did you do?
    4. jealous of He had always been very _________ his brother’s good looks.
    5. loads of There were ____________ people standing around a TV set in the store.
    6. look forward to The summer is almost here, I __________ going on vacation!
    7. make the most of It’s a beautiful day – we should ___________it.
    8. original If the painting is an ___________, it will be very valuable.
    9. proud of You must be very ___________ your son. He’s a kind boy and an exceptional student!
    10. reminding us of She finished her speech by __________ our environmental responsibility!
    11. satisfying It is very _______ to know that the project was a success. I feel satisfied with its progress.



    H/W: 1) New Voc  2)project : create your own bucket list (8-10 goals), 3)p.106:ex.6, p.107:ex.7