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  • revise previously taught vocabulary
  • present NAV on quizlet:
    1. add , subtract Children learn to ____ and _______in the first year of school.
    2. angle A right _____ is an angle of 90°.
    3. are less likely People _________ to break the law when they think they may be caught on camera.
    4. came across I ________ some old photographs while tidying up my room.
    5. estimated The valuer _______ the value of the house at £450,000.
    6. He has had/got his eyesight checked. The optician has checked his eyesight. –> _________________
    7. measurement The device is used for the ____________ of rainfall.
    8. reckon How much do you _________(that) it’s going to cost?
    9. Screws ________ have a better holding power than nails.
    10. tricky The exam question was rather ________ but I managed to answer it.
    11. venue The stadium has been specifically designed as a ____________ for World Cup matches.

    – check h/w p.110-111

  • Listening Unit 8 + analysis of voc


1)p.114:ex.5,7 2)p.119:ex.1,2,3,p.120:ex.1 3)New Voc 4)ebook


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