FCE 1/12/20 ELENA


Aims: listening prt4 // UoE prt 1 cloze // personal questions in pairs- speaking prt4 // grouping words


Sb p44 listening

Sb p46-47 speaking prt4


TRSF: https://quizlet.com/458715419/u4-transformations-complete-ffs-2nd-flash-cards/


Revise previous https://quizlet.com/515081112/u4-complete-ffs-2nd-ed-set-12-flash-cards/

and add Nav: https://quizlet.com/455972461/live

Check hw – Wb p16 and

Sb p167-168 pr 1-3



Wb p17

Sb p51

Nav https://quizlet.com/455972461/u4-complete-ffs-2nd-ed-19-describing-a-restaurant-set3-flash-cards/  and revise https://quizlet.com/515081112/u4-complete-ffs-2nd-ed-set-12-flash-cards/