FCE 12/1/21 ELENA


GOALS: Voc related to employment // listening skills prt1 // speaking compare and contrast – pair work

Nav: https://quizlet.com/560778299/complete-ffs-u6-set-3-flash-cards/ and revise previous

Check wb p24-25 + reading was done in edmodo

Wb listening p26

Sb P66 ex 2 use phrases to make complete sentences about the pictures – focus on voc related to comparison+ answering the question

Ex3-5 listen and tick

Ex7 model pairs +ex8 in breakout rooms >7+9 pair work

Sb p68 countable-uncountable nouns and elicit sentences to record in nb

Ex1-3 >>ppp 


  1. Nav https://quizlet.com/560778299/complete-ffs-u6-set-3-flash-cards/
  2. Wb p24 ex2 gr+ sb p169-170 practice 1+2 + pp in edmodo with https://www.englishrevealed.co.uk/FCE/fce_grammar/subject_verb_agreement_1.php
  3. Flip gram. Study sb p170 articles and practise + bring your questions to class –https://www.englishrevealed.co.uk/FCE/fce_grammar/definite_article_the.php