FCE 13/10/20 ELENA



  • Listening about a professional player
  • UoE prt1 cloze
  • Voc phrasal verbs
  • Speaking pair work


Warm up: talk about ice skating – what do people find enjoyable in it?

Revise previous voc https://quizlet.com/536223764/flashcards

LISTENING prt2 -sb p19 ex3-4

Personalise: do u have a hobby you’d like to turn into a career like Clare did?


Comparisons p19 ex3 ss own ideas-expand ideas

Check wb p8 ex1-2 [books closed]


Sbp20-21 RUoE PRT1 – SKIM READ to find how the writer got interested + do

Phrasal verbs p21 ex1-3+ play: https://quizlet.com/527663423/match

And Record: https://quizlet.com/440766113/u2-complete_ffs_19-set-2-sentences-phrasal-verbs-phrases-flash-cards/

Study online at quizlet.com/_7af5b5
1. taken up Kim has a new hobby. She’s just ……….. skiing and she loves it.
2. get used to 2 When I got a new bike I had to………. it, because it was different to my old one.
3. keep If I make a promise, I like to ……. it.
4. have a go 4 I don’t know how to ride a motorbike but I’ll ……….. on yours. If you don’t mind.
5. took part in Last month we ______ a dance competition and very surprisingly we won!
6. turn up 6 The traffic is quite bad, so I imagine that James will ______ for training late tonight.
7. pick up I was hopeless at French at school, but when I lived in Bordeaux I was able to ________ it ________ quite easily.
8. take risks Our mum gets very anxious every time we go climbing in the mountains. She doesn’t want us to …………. but everyone needs a bit of adventure, don’t they?


Sb p21 pair work ex4 prepare roles and practise

If time wb p9 writing ex1-2



Wb  p9-ex1 ph.verbs, p10-ex2-3

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