FCE b 6/10/20 Elena

6/10/20 FCE b

Aims: listening skills, comparisons, Voc related to professional players

U2 p18-20


Warm up: ss choose between = ex: I’d rather.. (be Superman than Spiderman) Ss justify choice – collect mistakes using comp. structures


LISTENING prt2 -sb p18-19

I want to live on my own so I don’t depend on my parents.

I don’t want to regret missed opportunities so I’ll study harder.

For most athletes it’s difficult  to maintain the peak of physical fitness after the age of 25.

I need to train harder so that I perform at my best in the match tomorrow.

The referee was totally partial so that influenced the game in favour of the opponent team.

You should never doubt your ability cause this would guarantee failure.

Spectators/ audience/ viewers/ bystanders


Comparisons p19 ex1-3

Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVo8FzATac8 and then THE TRAINING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7tHkeVR1Ms compare it to normal football!



Wb p8 ex1-2

Think of a new activity you want to take up and the reasons you like it. How would you try to persuade your parents to go along with it?