FCE Dec20 17/9/20 Elena

17/9/20 4-6

Listening p88-89

P89 reporting verbs https://quizlet.com/441907886/reporting-verbs-language-and-communication-flash-cards/

Revise voc relevant to entertainment

1 This venue was the perfect location for the concert.

2 Every time I see this  she gets funnier.

3 Tonight’s  was spectacular, the cast really did a good job.

4 The final of the film was really moving.

5 I hope they make another , I really enjoyed this one.

6 I found this  on her life story really fascinating and informative.

7 We need to collect our tickets from the  before watching the performance.

8 My favourite films are , because they keep you on the edge of your seat.

9 She met a lot of famous actors on the  of the film when she visited Hollywood.

10 After the final performance, the director threw a party for the entire.

Trsf > verb structures

Reading+ UoE prt1 p90


Do u8 Review p95

Go through consolidation p174-175 additionally check out p171-172 inf/ger