FCE DEC20 25/6/20 Elena

25/6/20 L1- (4.00-6.00)

U2 fun Activities pg18 compare activities ex1-3



Talk ab professional athletes ex1-2


NAV https://quizlet.com/431346735/u2-complete-1st4sch-set-1-adjectives-to-describe-activities-flash-cards/


SPEAKING P3,4 Using mobile phones too much => writing an opinion essay

Plan+ par building:

What do you want the reader to know/main point? =>> what do you mean exactly?/ give me more details>> can you give me an example Or is/are  there any problems/limitations/ arguments against it?>> SoHow do you feel about it?



Nav quizlet+ sb p18

Write an essay expressing your opinion.

Some parents think that children should spend less time using their phones each day and other people disagree.

Should children spend less time using their phones each day? What do you think?