FCE Dec20 8/7/20 Elena

9/7/20 Zoom 11-13.00



NAV https://quizlet.com/452885134/flashcards


Speaking prt 2 refer them back to the ppp talking about the importance of hobbies for young people and comparing photos => need  Functional Language to deal with the task p194-195


Reading about twins – PEER check in breakout rooms and give feedback

Writing an article p26-27 + making compound and complex sentences

CHECK P 29 review u2 IF TIME and talk about  enjoying past times such as p25





WRITING p26-27

note: previous LP

1/7/20 11.00-13.00

Check uoe p23 transformations

Revise comparisons https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/5efc9a51c04d0e001c110004/comparisons-b

Speaking prt2 benefits of free time activities for teens

*pair share ppp + practice prt2

Compare and contrast ppp

Quizlet https://quizlet.com/431346735/u2-complete-1st4sch-set-1-adjectives-to-describe-activities-flash-cards/


  1. P 29 review u2 ex1,3-4
  1. Revise voc and do Edmodo practice
  1. Reading about twins
  1. Quiz wb phv with off https://quizlet.com/440764032/u2-complete-ffs-19-phverbs-with-off-flash-cards/