Katherine /C/ 02.02.21

Aims: Listening


Vocabulary pre-teach

1.Bradman will review the best of the new children’s books.

2.To get tickets, you have to book in advance.

  1. He joined a church choir at the age of eight because he always loved singing.
  2. Visitors were disappointed to find the museum closed.

5.The restaurant is one of the few venues for jazz music in the area.

. 6. The only bad thing about the show is the dull costumes


Lead in

Ss answer questions about music in pairs

Ex. 1 page 62


Listening practice ex.2+3 page 62

Speaking consolidation – ss discuss together answers 3+4 from the listening task


Give ss sentences with unless, in case, If I were you related to the context of music

Ss match the sentences with their meaning

Practice ex. 5 page 62

Error correction in the second conditional


No absent students



Learn Vocabulary Unit 5

  1. 3+4 page 67
  2. 3 page 68
  3. 4 page 135