Katherine /C/ 04.03.21

Aims: vocabulary


Check h.w + answer questions

Do orally activities from page 85 grammar book  for further comprehension


Present Vocabulary

It is true that the temperature of the Earth changed in the past, but most scientists  believe that climate change today is happening because of the way people live.

Niagara Falls is probably the most famous waterfall in the world.

There are lots of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, e.g. drive less

We had good weather all week. There was no rain.


Ex. 1 page 76 ss in pairs categorize the weather vocabulary

Ex. 2 practice ss decide which fact was the most surprising


Order of adjectives : give ss some sentences and ss decide what’s the right order of the adjectives

ss in pairs decide which adjectives show opinion or fact

practice ex. 6 page 76


No absent students


grammar book

study page 84

page 85 ex. 1,2,3,4

online x2

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