Katherine /C/05.11.20

Aims: Vocabulary + grammar


check H/W

ss read a text and identify expressions with too/enough

practice ex. 1,2 page 207

speaking practice with board game


vocabulary sentences

1.I went red when he said I had been cheating at the exam. I felt really embarrassed.
2. I wanted to answer the question but I panicked and couldn’t think of anything to say.
3. “The meal was absolutely delicious,” she said politely.
4. Rock climbing alone is extremely dangerous.
5.. Don’t tell Jane I read her letter – she’ll be furious.
6. Nick told me such a hilarious story that I couldn’t stop laughing.

7.I broke my watch while I was playing tennis

Vocabulary speaking game using the new words + revision



GIU PAGE 107 EX.2+3

PAGE 11 EX. 1,2

page 13 – 1,2

online activities / learn new vocabulary