Katherine /C/ 09.02.21

Aims: Vocabulary


Check h/w on conjunctions although ,despite etc

Online game to consolidate


Teach Vocabulary

  1. This is definitely the best track on the album / The track was booked by runners who

were practicing for a race next month.

  1. We can’t afford to go on holidays this year.
  2. She had been under a lot of stress just before the baby was born.
  3. I had a really bad day and the last thing I need today is a fight.
  4. How can you turn your back on your own mother? She’s always been so helpful to

you, so you should help her now.

  1. They had an argument about who was responsible for the accident.
  2. I’m really looking forward to our trip to Japan.


Ex.1,3,5 page 61

Speaking questions with new vocabulary



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Learn New vocabulary Unit 5

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