Katherine /C/20.10.20

Aims: reading + vocabulary


Lead in: ss brainstorm capital / currency/ language of counties they know

introduce endangered language ex. 1 +2 page 22


pre-teach vocab

1.Not many people speak this language any more. It’s endangered. 
2. It’s a shame you can’t come to the party with us.
3. Two drug smugglers have been arrested by the police at the border.

4.Food prices increased by 10% in less than a year. Food is more expensive now.
5. I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to what you were saying. Could you repeat?

6.This change would allow more students to continue their education.
7. She was confident that she would win the game.

8. Can you please translate this from Italian to English.


Reading ex. 3,4,5,6 page 22

speaking ex. 8 page 23


Vocabulary quiz.



Learn new vocabulary

online activities