Katherine /C/22.12.20

She wears swimming goggles to keep the water out of her eyes

He didn’t get injured in the accident because he was wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Take your trainers when you go to the gym so you can change your shoes.

Daniel’s very keen on music. He sings in a choir and plays in a band.

Competitive sports encourage children to work together as a team.

How many competitors took part in the race?

Some examples of individual sports include tennis, boxing, swimming and cycling.

500 teams took part in the competition

Something hit him from behind and knocked him down.

Can he win if his opponent is twice as big as he is?

Spain beat Italy 3-0


ss read about christmas around the world and share in groups what they  have learnt



Vocabulary games – christmas kahoot


No absent students


Vocabulary UNIT 1-3 (revise all vocabulary )

Vocabulary Unit 4

Grammar :  revision all the grammar points  Student book + grammar book – come back with questions!!)

Reading – unit 4 ex.  3-4-6-5 pg 46

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