Katherine /C/26.11.20

Aims: Listening


New vocabulary and vocabulary revision Unit 3


1) Can you turn the volume down? I’m trying to work.
2)I can’t hear what they say on the radio. Can you turn the sound on please?

3) If you have problems with your computer, try shutting it down and then starting it up again.
4) Is your computer working? It’s not plugged in

5)This new intelligent machine can learn to recognise human emotion

6)Her mother suggested that she should go and see the doctor

7)These games can be downloaded free from the internet

8)We ought to go, it’s getting late

9)My phone battery is running low, could you charge it please?


Listening ex. 1,2,3 page 38

Language for advice and suggestion

ss match phrases whether they are a suggestion or an advice

ex. 6 page 38

roleplay game ex. 7 page 38


No absent students


Online x3


ex.1+6 page 37

ex. 5 page 43

ex. 4+5 page 44

ex. 6 page 38