Katherine /C/3.12.20

Check HW- answer questions in the use of future form

Further practice

a few examples from grammar book page 39

ex. 2,3,4


Vocabulary unit 3

14.Security cameras have been installed in the city centre.

16. Is three o’clock convenient for you? If not, we can meet another time.
18. Do you know where I can buy a second-hand bicycle? I don’t have enough money to
buy a new one.
19. In our school, we wear grey trousers and black sweatshirts with the school logo.
20. This hospital has the most up-to-date equipment in Europe.
21. I’m meeting Abi at the concert at 8:00 tonight (arrangements)
22. The concert finishes at 8 / The pool opens at 8:00(scheduled events)


Speaking practice

ex.1,2,3,4,5 page 39

ss match the headings with the useful language and add their own expressions too

ss take turns discussing the topic- each s takes notes on how many of the useful phrases their partner used.



No absent students



Grammar book

study page 38

ex. 2,3,4 page 39

Learn vocabulary unit 3 for online quiz

Online x 4