1. How can we reduce our carbon footprint? What can you do at your house? (Turn off the lights, shower fast! use a dishwasher, don’t keep the tv on, etc, shut down your computer at night).
  2. Climate change: What is bad about climate change? (Everything is more often and stronger!)
  3. Energy: We use too much energy!
  4. Loss of animals species: What happens for humans if all the chickens and cows go away? Or all the fish? What about the environments those animals live in?
  5. Pollution: Is it easy to breathe when a bus drives by or around many cars?
  6. Where do we put it?!
  7. Too many cars! Too much pollution! Earth can’t breathe!

Ex 2

What did you notice about the boy? Was this a good conversation between two people?

Ex 3

Ex 4
Pg 99, 2 minutes. Together.
Choose another photo
Ex 6 – Breakout rooms (Check understanding of pictures first)
Ex 7 – Breakout rooms. first one as a class.

NAV Review

  1. Quizlet 
  2. Bamboozle

Writing (Start the Boys V Girls)
Read email. See & do in town, invite Vincent to his cousins house to meet his family, thank Vincent for planning the forest trip & accept the invitation to go mountain biking.
Together until breakout room for 7.

HW: Write an email of 100 words from exercise 9, pg 77.
Michael extra HW: Pg 54