NAV – introduce 4 new, review Quizziz

Ex 1: Teacher/student example for 1. Assign students to do specific pictures in breakout rooms.
Ex 2: Gabby/Stella Read: Teacher example to answer questions writing answers in the chat. Then, waterfall.
*”have tried”
*Past tense for first three, present perfect for second half of three.
Ex 3: Identify where the present perfect vs the past.
Details, what happened, tried sport, where’s the proof?
Explanation, why, where’s the proof?
Information, if, enjoyed, continued, where’s the proof?
Ex 4: Teacher examples writing in chat, waterfall.
Ex 5: Answer with waterfall, Teacher examples writing in chat, student writing examples in chat.
Ex 6: Immediately, what is luke’s purpose/reason for training so hard?, who was not included? How was everyone feeling? Who didn’t feel happy. What are the two choices?,
Ex 7: Write in the chat what sport you will try, Teacher example of all three, students break out rooms, discuss after and write in the chat one by one for each question.
Ex 8: Teacher example expanded,
Ex 9: Announce this is the HW
Quizziz again for NAV

HW: Write 100 words article and send to Stamatis