NAV Review: 14-23

Use of English 1
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2. Examples for limitations and reformulations.

In other words, ,  

Ex 3: 5 minutes to read
Ex 4: breakout rooms, focus on why.
Ex 5: Discussion

Use of English 2

  1. a nightmare, is it unethical to cheat when you are younger than 10? How competitive are you during board games?
  2. Fib – white lie, tall tale. Forge documents (catch me if you can with Leo), fiction i.e. make believe. Prank is not similar to the others, not as strong. Candid – about yourself upfront. Above board – usually related to work, authentic is you do not change yourself rather than to be honest.
  3. 7 minutes to read
  4. Breakout rooms, & why discussion.
    1. Discuss other collocations.

HW: WB, pg 33 & 62